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What's a web ring?

A web ring is a collection of websites connected together via embedded links. The name "ring" comes from the fact that the connected websites form a circular loop that you can navigate over and over again by pressing "next." They were popular in the '90s but got extinct in the 2000s. But not this one, as you can see, since it was built in the 2020s for the sole purpose of resurrecting the old tradition.

How's this ring different from other ones?

How do I join?

Step 1. Politely ask the owner to add you.

Here's what you should say in order to get accepted:

Your application may be declined if your website is not fucked up enough, too fucked up, or the stars align in the wrong way.

Step 2. Add this script to your website.

<script type="module" data-bruh-hint="" src=""></script>

Replace with the URL you previously sent.

Step 3. Hide the widget so it's hard to find.

The widget consists of 2 links - one to the previous page and one to the next page. In order to make them point to the previous/next website in the ring, all you need to do is add an id lwr-prev or lwr-next to them.

For example, here's how your links may look like:

<a id="lwr-prev">Previous</a>
    <a id="lwr-next">Next</a>

Note: if you leave the contents your links empty, they'll be filled with the name of the website.

In order for the links to be hard to find, you need to hide them somewhere on your page. You may use CSS or even JavaScript for that.

The easiest method of hiding is shoving the link somewhere in the middle of the paragraph. Use this CSS to make the links invisible:

#lwr-prev, #lwr-next {
    cursor: inherit !important;
    text-decoration: inherit !important;
    color: inherit !important;
    opacity: 1 !important;

Step 4. Wait until your website gets accepted.

Meanwhile, you can drink some tea or something.

Step 5. ???

Step 6. Profit!

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